When is Yellow Colour good for decor?

The yellow colour is the colour of flowers, lemons, and sunshine which offers fresh appeal in each of its variations and tones. Sunny, cheerful yellow adds a lighthearted touch to any space. On its own, however, it is a stimulating colour and potentially has too much spunk for the bedroom. Luckily, it’s an easy-going team player that works well with every other colour and easily adapts to any decorating scheme. The yellow decor is most preferred nowadays it adds a modern touch to the homes.

Ways to use yellow colour in decor:-

1.  Rise and Shine in the Drawing room

A light-filled breakfast nook is a perfect candidate for a sweep of sunny yellow. Pairing the bright hue with rustic accents, such as the weathered wood table and feed-sack pillows, gives a unique spin on the traditional colour. Orange and turquoise accents add dimension to the room while Lucite chairs add a touch of modern whimsy.

2.  Electric Yellow in bedrooms

Believe it or not, neon yellow can actually be taking up the notch. When paired with graphic black-and-white patterns, the combo becomes an electrifying duo. In this modern bedroom, hexagon wallpaper plays off the energizing yellow bedspread. The colour palette is kept tight, and the wallpaper covers only one wall to ensure the energy doesn’t become overwhelming.

3.  Yellow Made Elegant living room

While decorating with yellow is usually the realm of cottage-style spaces, the hue can take an elegant turn when used on sumptuous materials and in constrained doses. In this living room, silk pillows colour a pretty daybed. The colour travels to a pair of agate fistful lamps and abstract painting overhead.

4.  Sunny yellow on bathroom walls

Yellow medallion wallpaper pairs with grey trim and a concrete grey sink. Warm wood tones on the ceiling, mirror, and sink base draw out the golden tones of the wallpaper pattern, while black-and-white flooring rounds out the cool tones. Cool grey tempers yellow to create a nuanced, balanced palette. While this colour combination is popular, a unique application ensures a room’s design is anything but ordinary.

5.  Yellow with Flair for kitchen

When decorating with yellow, vary the saturations used in a room for a look that’s sunny, but not overly bright. In this kitchen, lower cabinets in saffron are eye-catching, but the upper cabinets in a blonde oak ensure the room doesn’t become overwhelming. The backsplash tile picks up the hue of the lower cabinets and serves as a visual transition between the saturated lower cabinets and subtle uppers.