List of AR-15, 308AR and some alternate caliber AR Barrel manufacturers

This list is still growing, but I have included the top manufacturers, some of the cheapest and some of the best value for money. The rankings and suggested uses given are my opinions only. Barrel T&E is very slow and expensive if you do it right and I am not satisfied that I have done anywhere near enough yet, but I wanted to put my limited knowledge of barrels here so as to help people make an expensive choice, for which there is very little good data available.

Clicking the links takes you to the barrel/weapons manufacturer home page, Barrel page or AR barrel page as is most appropriate.

Last update:4/26 List of AR-15 / M4 / 308 AR barrel makers
Excellent Barrels
Select one of these barrels if you plan on shooting from benchrest or prone supported, accuracy is essential and you use quality ammo.
Bartlein Barrels Truly Quality barrels, used by GAP. However to AR'erize one you need to buy the barrel and have it chambered by another company.
Lilja Top quality barrels, often have 7.62, .223wylde and .204ruger in stock. Any length above 16" and many calibers available.
Krieger Top quality barrels in any caliber and any plus 16" length
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Great Barrels
Select one of these barrels if you care about accuracy and shoot a variety of ranges, positions and courses of fire
JP Rifles .204, .223wylde,  6.5 Grendel, .308, .260 and .338 in 14.5" and up. Barrel price starts at $400.  BEST GENERAL PURPOSE
Lothar-Walther Some great barrels in .223Wylde, Rem, and 5.56 Nato. Custom barrels in 7.62
Hart AR Ready barrel up to 30in,$460 in 416 stainless.  Awesome fluting options. Will headspace your bolt
Douglas AR barrels can be baught from CLE
Shilen AR Ready in 20 and 24" in .204, .223Wydle and Match and 6.8. 
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Very Good Barrels
Select one of these if you shoot a fair percentage of your rounds at 100 and closer, but still want to be able to shoot well beyond that with accuracy
Noveske Great barrels.  .223 Mod 0(similar chamber to Wylde), 7.62,  6.8 and 300AAC.  7.5" to 20" lengths. The price jumps significantly with every inch.
Rainier Arms .223 Wylde in 10.5" to 20". 300AAC, 6.8, .308WIN in 3 grades of barrel, all great value. 
Wilson combat Nice Barrels, 5.56Nato, .223Wylde, .204 Ruger, 6.8 SPC II, 300AAC, 7.62x40WT


Military Grade Barrels


You run your AR like the weapon it is and was designed to be. You just want to kill zombies with a variety of ammo
Bravo Company Famous value, quality and customer service.
Daniel Defence A very nice barrel
Lewis Machine and Tool Long lasting, quality barrels
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Compass lake (CLE) They do their own .22 and .223 barrels and they finish (AR-erize) for Douglass, Kreiger, Bartletin or anyone you want.
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Barrel brands for cheap builds, brands I have not used and brands you may not know
Green mountain barrel 5.56 Barrels as low as $139
Montana Rifleman Many lenghts, twists, calibers and barrel alloys available. 
Criterion Barrels Available from CLE
Pac Nor When you click their AR barrels link, it goes straight to Noveske's website.
Schnieder Website under construction, information is pending
Black hole weaponry Variety of barrel lengths and calibers from 7.5" to 20+. No personal experience with them
Rock Creek Barrels Custom barrels. I have had no experience with them.
Beaver Creek Armory

$168.95 for a 16" barrel with M4 profile. I got one for just over $120 on brownells but they don't sell them there anymore and they don't reply to email.