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Searchable, sortable AR-15/308 list of manufacturers/brands

The search box is very basic (narrows by words only, not column). There is no .223 or 7.62x51 listed, only 5.56 and 308. I had to simplify the keywords so that brands were not left out. While typing in search terns, you may notice some of the big brands disappear when you search for a specific term, if you want to see them you can use the term "everything".  

Over 200 active brands selected from over 300 considered brands.  Show all
**Just looking for lowers? I have list of all lowers page and the same for bolt carrier groups**

BrandName State Product Tags Random Notes
Accurate Tool KY Rifle: Complete .. Upper: Stripped forged .. Lower: stripped forged .. Barrels: 16", 18", CHF, Chrome lined, FSB, 5.56, 4140, 4150 Alloy, lightweight contour, medium contour, mid length gas, carbine length gas, matched bolt .. Other parts: A2, buffer, milspec receiver extension, A2 receiver extension, stock BCG, LPK, OSPA $135 Stripped forged lower
Adams Arms FL Rifle: Complete gas piston. Uppers: Complete gas piston, SBR. 5.56, 5.45 .. Gas piston kits .. Forend: carbine drop in, free float gas piston ready. Upper with FF rail and BCG under $1100
Adcor Defense MD Rifle: Complete, gas piston, 10.5", 12.5", 14.5", 16", chrome lined, CHF, side charging handle, AMBI charging.. Upper: Complete 10.5", 12.5", 14.", 16" M249 barrel profile
Addax Tactical CA Receivers: Stripped Forged Billet Upper Lower .. Upper: Complete 16" .. Barrels: 16", 18" Medium contour, medium gas, rifle gas Good prices, large online store of other brands
AdeQ Firearms FL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 308. They make 2 rifles
Advanced Armament Co GA Silencers: 7.62, 5.56, .338, .50 .. Uppers: Complete 300AAC .. Muzzle: Brake, hider .. Barrels: 300AAC - 9". 12.5", 16" Great suppressors at a fair price
Advanced LR sys (50BMG) OR Upper: Complete, bolt action 50BMG Uses AR-15 lower
Aero Precision WA Receiver: Stripped forged lower.//Available at Riflegear ($89), Brownells ($85), American Spirit ($89 IN STOCK 12-2) and JSE surplus ($75). Usually out of stock at all Link is for Riflegear
AGP Arms AZ Lower: Complete .. Receivers: stripped forged lower .. Side folding .22 stock. $119 Stripped forged lower
Alberta Tactical zz Muzzle: Brake. //They sell other stuff too, but it is not all legal to ship to USA, so call first. Canadian company.
Alexander Arms VA Rifles: Complete 5.56, .50 Beowulf, 6.5G, 300AAC, .17HMR .. Upper: Complete 5.56, .50 Beowulf, 6.5G, 300AAC, .17HMR. Lowers: Complete .. Receivers: Stripped forged lower, stripped billet upper .. Right Side charging handle .. Barrels: 6.5G - 16", 18", 20", 24", Medium contour, mid gas, rifle gas. $100 Stripped forged lower
All Weapons One WI Rifle: Complete, custom 5.56, 308 Duracoat available
Allstar Tactical NY Receiver: Stripped, billet, upper, lower 6061 .. Barrel: 5.56, 14.5", 16", lightweight profile, M4 .. Trigger: Single stage (looks like MM's trigger) .. Other Parts: LPK, OSPA $215 Stripped Billet 6061 lower
Ambush Firearms GA Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 300, alternate colors/finish It is unknown if they roll mark their own lower
American Defense Mfg WI Forend: Drop in, free float .. Sight: Mounts, qd mounts. Great AR scope mounts
American Precision Arms GA Lower: Stripped billet $295 organic looking lower
American Spirit Arms AZ Rifle: Complete 5.56, 223, 9mm, 308, 16", Left side charging handle .. Upper: Complete, 5.56, 9mm, 7.5", 10.5", 16", 24", stripped billet side charging handle .. Lower: Complete, less stock, stripped forged .. Barrels: 7.5", 10.5", 11.5", 14.5", 16", 20", Chrome Moly, Stainless, Government profile, Bull, pistol gas, carbine gas, mid length gas, rifle gas, FSB .. Other parts: LPK, receiver extension, OSPA Stripped Lower $89-99. But 95% lower $135?
American Tactical Imports NY Rifle: Complete, 16", polymer .. Upper: Complete, 16", 5.56, .22LR .. Lower: Complete, Stripped, Polymer. $49 Polymer lower
American Weapon Systems NH Upper: Complete, 16", FF rail .. Lower: Stripped forged, 'live free or die', 'zombie', pictogram selector Stripped forged lower $135
Anderson Manufacturing KY Rifle: Complete, 16", 20", 24", 5.56, 308 .. Upper: Stripped forged .. Lower: Stripped forged .. Barrel: 16", 20", 24", Stainless, 4140 Chrome moly, 5.56, 6.8, fluted M4 profile, HBAR .. Forend: Carbine length, mid length, rifle length, Free float, bolt on rail .. Other parts: LPK, OSPA $80 stripped forged lower
AR Performance TN Rifle: Complete, 16", 18", 20", 5.56, 7.62x39, 308, 6.8, 6mm, 264LBC, 6.5BR .. Upper: Complete in same as rifle AKA Innovative Tactical Systems
AR-15 Plus TX Lower, 80% $99 Forged 80% lower NY Upper: Stripped, billet .. Lower: Complete, Billet .. Other parts: OSPA. The lower price is not a typo, it is their listed MSRP Complete Billet lower $1295
AR57 center WA Upper: Complete, 5.7 5.7mm Upper
Ardel Engineering MN Lower: Stripped, Forged $100 Stripped forged lower
Ares ARMS OH Rifle: Complete 5.56, custom alternate color Custom colors
Ares Defense FL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 12", 16", 20", Belt fed .. Other Parts: Gas piston kit, Chamber light
Arizona Armory AZ Rifle: Complete .. Upper: Complete, stripped, billet .. Lower: Complete, stripped billet. $165 Stripped Billet lower
Armalite IL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 7.62x39, 6.8, .22LR, 308, 16", 18", monolithic free float rail .. Uppers: Complete in same as rifle + 260, 338 Fed, stripped A2, stripped, monolithic .. Lowers: Complete, partial, stripped, 308 .. Barrels: Same as uppers .. carbine, mid length, rifle length gas, stainless, chrome moly .. Other Parts: stock BCG, LPK, OSPA. Alternate colors $160 Stripped forged lower
ARMS LLC OR Rifle: Complete, 5.56 .. Upper: Stripped, forged .. Lower, complete, stripped, forged. $125 Stripped forged lower
Arms Tech LTD AR Rifle: Complete, 5.56 Only 2 rifles available
AXTS OR Lower: stripped billet AMBI, stripped forged, pictogram, 45 deg safey .. Other parts: Raptor AMBI charging handle, ambi safety //Billet price includes proprietary ambi parts kit $150 stripped forged unique lower
Barnes Precision Machine NC Rifle: Complete 11.5", 14.5", 16", 18", Free floating rail, NiB finish .. Upper: 5.56 16", 18", free float rail, bolt on rail .. Lower: Complete, less stock, forged stripped .. Forend: Carbine, mid length, rifle free float rail, mid, rifle free float bolt on rail .. Muzzle: Flash hider .. Other parts: NiB BCG, LPK, OSPA $126 Stripped forged lower
Barret TN Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 8", 16", Gas piston, free float rail .. Uppers: same as rifle, stripped forged Yes, it's the same Barrett
Bartlett Enterprises OR Lower: Stripped billet. $180 stripped lower@midwayusa
Battle Born NV Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 9mm, 45ACP .. Lower: Stripped billet $250 Stripped Billet lower
Battle Rifle Company TX Rifle: Complete, 5.56 BRC
Battle Tested Equipment AZ Gas: Adjustable block, with rail, micro, low pro .. Other parts: Ejection Cover, Charging handle BTE
Bazooka Brothers Mfg IN Upper: Complete, 45ACP .. Lower: Complete, 45ACP (not a conversion - only accepts 45ACP mags //Not sure if the make their stuff or if it comes from Red Engineering 45ACP ARs
Black Dawn Guns MO Rifle: Complete, 16", 5.56, 4140, Zombie .. Upper: Complete, 16", 12", Free float rail, gas piston, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete, stripped forged, Forend: Mid length Gas piston ready rail NP3(like NiB) coating .. Barrel: 12", 16", FSB, HBAR, Fluted .. Other parts: Trigger guard, OSPA $229 Stripped forged lower
Black Gold Custom Arms MT Upper: Stripped, Billet .. Lower: Stripped Billet .. I am not certain if the $325 is for a set or each per upper and again for lower Stripped Billet lower $325
Black Rain Ordinance MO Rifles, complete, 16", 18", 24", 5.56, 308, free float rail, alternate color/finish .. Upper: Stripped billet, alternate color .. Lower: Stripped billet alternate color .. matched receiver .. Forend: carbine, mid length, rifle rail, FDE .. Barrel: 5.56, 6.5G, 6.8, 308, 416 stainless, 7.5", 8.5", 10.5", 11.5", 12.5", 14.5", 16", 18", 20", 24", bull, slim profile, fluted $289 stripped billet lower
Black Rifle Arms FL Upper: 5.56, 7.62x39, 16", gas piston, free float rail .. Other parts: buffered BCG, gas piston kit Unique BCG with buffer
Black Rifle Company TX Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8 .. Forend: Free float rail .. otherparts: OSPA
Black River Tactical MI Muzzle: Linear compensator Only one product listed on their site
Black Weapons Armory AZ Rifle: Complete, 16", 5.56, 6.5G .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle, stripped .. Lower:Stripped, Forged, Billet .. Muzzle: Compensator .. Other parts: LPK, OSPA $150 Stripped forged lower
Blackheart International WV Rifle: 16", 5.56 .. Upper: 5.56, free float .. Lower: Complete .. Stock BCG, Chrome BCG, TiNi firing pin. $350 Complete lower
Branch Custom Weaponry MN Rifle: Complete, Custom .. Website is for a range that sells them. No images or other information No website
Bravo Company USA WI Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 16", 18", 20", A2, 11.5", 12.5", 14.5", chrome moly, 410 stainless, carbine, mid length, rifle, drop in handguard, free float rail .. Upper: Same as rifle, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete forged .. Barrel: Same as rifle .. Other parts: LPK, stock BCG, gas buster charging handle Rifles@
Brownells IA OSPA Great store, some of their own line
Bushmaster NC They sell pretty much everything
C3 Defense GA Lower: Stripped Billet, alternate colors. Web link for a vendor. $119 Stripped Billet Lower
Cavalry Manufacturing AR Muzzle: Brake .. Other Parts: Alternate color A2 furniture
Centurion Arms CA Upper: 16", 18", Free float rail .. Forend: Free float rail, carbine, mid length, rifle length .. Sights: Diopter HK style HK style sights
Chattahooche Gun Works AL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 300AAC, 6.8, 308 .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle .. Lower, complete, various configurations $500 Complete billet lower
Chiappa OH Rifle: Complete, .22LR .. Upper: Complete, .22LR Chiappa
Christensen Tactical UT Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 308, 338Fed .. Forend: Handguard, carbine, rifle length Barrels: Carbon fiber .. Gas piston kit Lightweight handguard
Christian Armory Works GA Rifle: Complete, Custom, various, 6061 billet
CIV Tactical CA Upper: Complete, 5.56 Various configurations, stripped forged .. Other parts: OSPA SBR/Pistol uppers available
Clark Custom LA Forend: Carbon fiber free float handguard, Rifle length, XL, 5.56 16" handguard
CMMG MO They have just about everything AR wise $120 Stripped forged lower
CMT Tactical TN Upper: Stripped, forged .. Lower: Stripped, billet .. Otherparts: BCG, Phosphate .. Alternate colors, Navy, Army, Marines, Airforce engraving Stripped billet lower $220
Colt CT They have just about everything World famous Colt
Compass Lake Engineering FL Upper: Stripped forged with unique sight base .. Lower: Stripped forged .. Barrel: Forend: Free float mid length tube .. Other Parts: Gas block .. Services: ARerizing barrels Stripped forged lower $175
Conquest Arms AZ Rifle: Complete, 204 .. Upper: Complete, 5.7, Stripped, billet .. Lower: Stripped, Complete, Billet, 5.56, 308 $150 Stripped billet lower
Core 15 FL Rfiles: Complete, 16", 18", 5.56, Gas piston, DI .. Upper: 5.56, .22LR, 300AAC, 16", 18", stripped forged .. Lower: less stock, stripped forged, stripped billet .. Barrel: 7.5", 9.5", 16", 18", 20", 5.56. 300AAC, 22LR, M4 profile, HBAR, cabine, mid, rifle gas .. Other Parts: LPK, OSPA .. Matched receivers: Alternate colors, cerakote $110 stripped forged lower
Crusader Weaponry UT Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 308, 16", 18", 24"
CSC Arms FL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 7.62x39, 16", Zombie, Skull finish .. Upper: 16", 5.56 .. Lower: Stripped billet (6061) .. Forend: Mid length, free float rail .. Muzzle: Brake .. Other parts: NiB BCG $205 6061 Stripped billet lower
Daniel Defense GA They sell just about everything. One of the great duty brands. Awesome rails/foreend
Defiance Machine MT Receiver: Billet paired set $550 paired billet receivers
Del-Ton NC They sell just about everything, $120 Stripped forged lower
Delaware Machinery IN Lower: Stripped forged .. link is for RGUNS $65 Stripped forged lower@RGUNS
Deliberate Dynamics NV Other parts: Universal speed tab, OSPA
Detroit Gun Works MI Rifle: 5.56, 18", free float rail .. Upper: Stripped forged .. Lower: Stripped forged 5.56, stripped billet 308 .. Matched receivers// they may be out of business, they took down their gun section from the website $119 Stripped forged lower
Double Diamond LE Supply AZ Upper: Complete, 9mm .. Lower: Complete, 9mm, glock magazine Glock magazine 9mm lower
Doublestar KY Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, all lengths .. AR pistol: 7.5", 10.5", 11.5", 5.56 .. Lower: Stripped forged $135 Stripped forged lower
DPM Shops AL Rifle: Complete .. Upper: Complete .. Other parts: OSPA// No, not DPMS, just someone with the same letters Not DPMS
DPMS MN They sell everything DPMS - Everyone knows the panther
Dreadnaught Industries TX Rifle: Complete, 5.56. $139 stripped forged lower
DS Arms IL Upper: Stripped, forged .. Lower: Complete, less stock, stripped forged .. OSPA $120 stripped forged lower
Edward Arms Company AZ Rifle: Complete, 5.56, DI, Gas piston, various configurations .. Receiver, matched, stripped, upper, lower, billet, 6061 .. Gas piston kit .. Other parts: LPK $199 Stripped 6061 billet lower
Essential Arms LA Rifle: Complete .. Lower: Complete, stripped forged Poor quality work
FailZero FL Other parts: BCG with EXO dry lube treatment Nice BCG
Firebird Precision NM Rifle: Complete, custom made to order .. Upper: Stripped forged, billet .. Lower: Stripped forged with setscrew, billet .. Forend: Free float handguard, carbon fiber handguard .. Muzzle: Compensator .. Must see: MKA 1919 $140 stripped forged lower
Franklin Armory CA Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8 various configurations .. AR Pistol: 5.56, 7.62x39, 11.5" .. Upper: 5.56, 6.8, 308, 16", 18", 20", 24", HBAR, varmint, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete forged, A2, stripped billet, stripped forged, alternate colors $119 stripped forged lower@ugimports
Fulton Armory MD Rifle: Complete 5.56, 308 in various configurations .. Upper: same as rifle .. Lower: Complete, stripped, forged .. Other parts: BCG, OSPA $150 stripped forged lower
G.A. Precision MO Rifle: Complete custom 308. The GAP 10 is a legitimately sub MOA gun. Custom 308AR
GAR Arms NM Rifle: Complete .. Upper: Complete, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete, stripped forged .. Poor customer service $140 Stripped forged lower
GG&G AZ Iron sights, BUIS, optic mounts, quick detach .. Check American Defense Mfg for better products and service. Awful customer service
GPI Custom Gun works FL Lower: Complete, stripped, forged, "molon labe" marked. Stripped forged lower $109
Griffin Armament WI Muzzle: Suppressor 5.56, 308 Suppressors only
GT virtual concepts GA Lower: Stripped, stock less, billet, 7075, 6061 $224 Stripped bilet lower
GuntecUSA AR Forend: Free float, drop in, alternate color/finish, carbine, mid length, rifle length .. Sight: Rings, mounts, BUIS .. Other parts: Stock, kit, unique pistol grip .. Muzzle: Brake .. Other parts: OSPA Nice looking pistol grips
Hatcher Gun Company NE Rifle: Complete 5.56, 308 custom
Head Down Products GA Rifle: Complete, Takedown, 5.56, 300AAC, SBR, 16", free float rail .. Upper: Stripped 6061 billet .. Lower: Complete, Stripped 6061 billet .. Forend: Free floating handguard/rail .. Other parts: NiB BCG $199 stripped 6061 billet lower
Heckler&Koch zz Rifle: Complete. //solid rifle but very overpriced German Company
Henderson Defense NV Rifle: Complete 10.5" 5.56 SBR .. Upper: Forged, stripped (looks billet) .. Lower: Stripped, billet alternate colors, NP3 (like NiB) coating $250 stripped upper/lower set
High Standard TX Rifles: Complete, SBR, many lengths, configurations .. Many other AR parts, OSPA
Hogan Guns AZ Rifle: Complete 5.56, 308, SBR, alternate colors, cerakote, NP3 .. Uppers: Complete same as rifles .. Lowers: Complete, stripped, billet, 5.56, 308 .. Forend: Monolithic handguard bolts to custom billet upper .. Muzzle: Brake .. Other parts: OSPA $270 stripped billet lower
Houlding Precision CA Rifle: Complete, 16" 5.56, free float rail .. Upper Lower match set stripped billet, custom cerakote alternate colors. Awesome cerakote finish $500 matched billet receiver set
Hughes Precision MI Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 7.5", 10.5", 16" $2700 SBR with no upgrades listed
Huldra Arms MN Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 5.45x39, 14.5", 16", free floating rail, gas piston .. Uppers: Complete forged, same as rifle .. Lowers: Complete forged .. SUB MOA claimed accuracy
Innovative Arms SC Uppper: Stripped, billet, with gas/suppressor switch .. Muzzle: Suppressor various calibers
Integrity Arms and Survival GA Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 300AAC, 6.8 .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle, stripped .. Lower: Complete, forged .. Other parts: BCG, OSPA $264 Complete lower
Jard IA Rifle: Complete, Billet, 5.56, .22LR, 243 WSSM, 25 WSSM, 7mm WSSM, 16", 22", side charging handle, side folding stock .. Trigger: single stage, 2 stage, match adjustable Great triggers, side folding stock
JD Machine CA Upper: Stripped, forged, billet, 5.56, 308 .. Lower: Stripped, forged, billet, 5.56, 308 .. Forend: rifle length free float tube with rails 5.56, 308 .. Gas: Adjustable rail block. Marine, Army, Navy, Border patrol markings available. $129 Stripped forged lower
JP Rifles MN Rifle: Complete, forged, billet, left side charging handle, 5.56, .204, 6.5G, 6.5C, .308, .260, 9mm, .22LR, 14.5", 16", 18", 20", 22", custom .. Upper: Complete same as rifle, stripped billet, forged, right side charging handle .. Lower, stripped billet, forged, trigger in .. Barrels, 4150, 416, same as rifle .. Forend: Pistol, carbine, rifle, XL free float bolt on rail .. Other: light QCQ finish BCG, improved bolt, heatsink, improved buffer, spring, captured spring, match single stage trigger $349 lower with premium trigger installed
JSE Surplus MO Rifle: Kit (minus lower) Large vendor
Kies MN Rifle: Complete custom available in 5.56, 7.62x39, .204, 264LBC, 6x45, 6.8 .. Upper: Complete same as rifle, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete, stripped billet .. Trigger: Drop in single stage .. Muzzle: Linear compensator .. Forend, mid length free float rail .. Other parts: Billet charging handle $150 stripped billet lower
Knights Armaments FL They pretty much make everything AR wise, including some unique stuff like a proprietary bolt and 6x35 SBR. Prepare for long wait times
Lancer Systems PA Rifle: Complete, 16", 17", 20", Krieger barrel, 5.56 .. Lower: Complete, stripped billet, huge magwell guide .. Other parts: Unique stock and magazines $210 Stripped billet lower
Lanco Tactical PA Lower: Stripped, forged .. Other parts: BCG, OSPA $99 Stripped forged lower
LAR Grizzly UT Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 22LR, 16", 18", 20", multiple configurations, AMBI left right side charging .. Upper: same as rifle, stripped forged, A1, A2, A3 .. Lower: Complete, stripped, forged .. Fun fact: They make a lot of receivers for brand names you might know better $128 stripped forged lower
LaRue Tactical TX They make just about everthing AR wise and that can be made out of aluminum. If you have not already, check out their optic mounts and AR accessories as well. Pretty much everything they sell is unique or proprietary to them/made in house. Great optic mounts, long waits on rifles.
Lauer Custom Weaponry WI Rifle: Complete, 5.56 various .. Lower: Stripped, forged $150 Stripped forged lower
Legion Firearms TX Rifle: Complete 5.56, 16" monolithic upper, billet, alternate color/finish .. Forend: Monolithic .. Barrel:5.56, 16", 14.5" hex cut, ball milled .. Other parts: NiB BCG Monolithic Upper
Les Baer Custom IA Rifle: Complete, custom, 5.56, 308, various configurations No muzzle devices
Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) IL Just about everything AR wise in 5.56 and 308. Great duty rifles, proprietary improved bolt. $350 complete forged lower
Lone Wolf Distributors ID Uppper: Complete, 9mm and other pistol calibers .. Lower: Complete, 9mm, accepts Glock Mag. Glock mag lower
LRB NY Lower: Forged stripped $99 forged stripped lower
LWRC International MD They sell just about everything AR wise, gas piston and some of the best made stuff out there. Much of it proprietary. Awesome gas piston rifles
Mack Gwinn Industries (MGI) ME Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 7.62x39, .45ACP, belt fed .. Upper, complete same as lower .. Lower: Complete, 5.56, .45ACP, 7.62x39, AK magazine lower Modular Mag well - Alternate caliber AR magwell
Magpul CO The industry leader in stocks, grips and accessories .. Magazines: Polymer, optional window - but if you don't know that already... Excellent products and marketing
McKay Enterprises MN Rifle: Complete, 5.56 .. Lower: Stripped forged Lower price unlisted on site
Mean Metal Guns IL Rifle: Custom No pictures or further info on website
Medesha FireArms AZ Rifle: Complete, custom 5.56, 308, right side charging handle .. Upper: Same Tubb gun stock
Mega Machine WA Upper: Stripped billet, forged 5.56, 308 .. Lower: same as upper, includes tension screw .. Trigger: Single stage .. NiB finish, alternate colors .. Fun Fact: They make receivers for many brand names you may know well. $135 stripped forged lower
Midwest Industries (MI) WI Forend: Rail, 5.56, 308, carbine, mid length, rifle, XL .. Sights: Iron, BUIS .. Gas: railed, low pro .. Other parts, OSPA Nice rails
Mission First Tactical PA Forend: Polymer and aluminum drop in .. Other parts: stocks .. Accessories: Vertical foregrip, OSPA Interesting stock
Model 1 Sales TX Upper: Complete, various .. Other parts: OSPA
Mohawk Armory TN Rifle: Complete .. AR Pistol: Complete Website lacks further info
Mossberg CT Rifle: Complete 16"
NEMO Arms MT Rifle: Complete, 300 Win Mag, 308, 5.56, right side charging handle, titanium, billet, custom .. Other parts: BCG, LPK //Ti production 308 for $49,789. $95,904 Ti Rifle in 308
New Frontier NV Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 16" .. Upper: Same .. Lower: Complete aluminum, complete polymer, stripped aluminum, stripped polymer .. Complete polymer lower $109 $80 Stripped forged lower
NoDak Spud/Mckay MN Upper: A1 style stripped .. Lower: A1/retro forged, stripped .. Other parts: Triangle charging handle $100 stripped forged lower
Nordic Components MN Upper: .22LR .. Stock: HK retractable style for non buffered ARs
Noreen MT Rifle: Complete, 338 lapua, 6061 billet, gas piston 338 Lapua AR
Noveske OR Rifles: Complete, 5.56, 300AAC, 6.8, various configurations, forged billet .. Just about everything else AR wise. Some unique stuff, if you don't know them, try the link. Great marketing. You should already know them
Olympic Arms WA The sell just about everything AR wise
Palmetto State Armory SC They came out of nowhere and made a huge impact on the AR world with cut prices and solid customer support. They sell just about anything AR, but check out their customized LPK's
Para Ordinance NC Rifle: Complete, 16" 5.56, side folding stock
Para USA NC Rifle: Complete, 5.56, side folding stock Side folding stock
Patriot Ordinance Factory AZ They sell just about everything AR wise, nice billet stuff. Lower: Complete, 308, 5.56, stripped, billet, AMBI bolt release, NP3 finish. Pictogram $410 stripped billet lower (AMBI)
Phase 5 Tactical CA Receiver: Stripped, forged, upper lower .. Muzzle: Brake .. Other parts: BCG, phosphate, NiB, EN, Revolving sling end plate, AMBI charging handle $125 Stripped forged lower
Precision Guncraft ID Lower: Stripped, billet $199 Stripped billet lower
Precision Reflex inc (PRI) OH Uppper: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 300AAC, various configurations .. Forend: Carbon fiber, carbine, mid length, rifle length .. Other parts: OSPA Carbon fiber forend
Primary Weapon Systems ID Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 7.62x39, 308, gas piston, SBR, 14.5", 16" wood stock .. Pistol: 5.56 .. Uppers: Same as rifle .. Lowers: Complete, stripped forged, Other parts: Improved unique buffer tube $125 stripped forged lower
Quality Arms ID Rifle: Complete custom 5.56, 6.5, 308, AMBI AMBI ejecting upper
Quentin Defense AZ Lower: Complete, stripped billet pictogram, forged, Army, Marines, Navy and Air force editions $120 Stripped forged lower
Rainier Arms WA Upper: Complete, many configurations, stripped, forged, billet .. Lower: Complete, stripped, forged, billet .. Barrels: Many configurations, 3 grades .. Muzzle: Brake, comp, various .. Forend: Carbine, Midlength, Rifle, XL .. Other parts: BCG, charging handle, OSPA//They sell just about everything AR wise Great vendor and service
Red X MN Rifle: Complete, 16" 5.56 .. Upper: several in 5.56 .. BCG 5.45x39,7.62x39, 6.8 .. Lower: Complete .. $220 Complete forged lower
Remington NC Rifle: Complete 5.56, 308 I think everyone knows Remington
Rguns IL Rifle: Complete 6.8, 5.56 alternate color receivers .. Upper: .204, 5.45, 7.62x39, 6.8, 308, Stripped forged .. Lower: Complete, less stock, Stripped forged, alternate colors, POW MIA, USMC, 308 .. Anodized receiver sets in unique colors //They sell other brands' lowers at a good price also $100 stripped forged lower
Rifle Dynamics NV Rifle: Complete .. Upper: Complete .. Lower, Complete $546 Complete lower
RifleGear CA Upper: Complete, various, Lower, complete, stripped, forged .. Other parts: OSPA $119 Stripped forged lower
RIP tactical UT Rifle: Complete maybe. They don't answer the phone or email. Probably out of buisiness
RND Manufacturing CO Rifle: Complete, ARish, 5.56, 308, 300WSM, 338 Lapua, 300 ultra mag, 408 chey tac, 375 chey tac, 50BMG Also sell bipods
Rock River Arms IL They make almost everything AR, including a 7.62x39 lower that takes AK mags
Rocky Point Guns NC Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 16" .. Other parts: Phosphate BCG Only 1 AR-15&some parts
Roggio Arsenal NC Upper: Complete, 16", 5.56, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete, Stripped, forged, alternate color/finish .. Barrel: 14.5", 16", M4, Bull profile .. Other parts: LPK, OSPA $129 Stripped forged lower
Ruger NH Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 16", free float rail, bolt on handguard .. Upper: Complete same as rifle Ruger making AR-15s can only be good
Saber Tactical FL Rifle: Complete, 308 .. Receiver: Matched, stripped, billet, upper, lower, 308, alternate color/finish .. Lower: Stripped, billet, 5.56 $225 Stripped billet lower
Samson Manufacturing NH Forend: Free float, rail, bolt on, carbine, mid length, rifle, XL .. Sights, Iron, BUIS, mounts Some of the best rails you can buy
SBR Ammunition GA Upper: Complete, custom, 458, 5.56, 338S //They bought Teppo Jutsu Long wait times
Scorpion Tactical TX Rifle: Complete, 16", 5.56 .. Upper: Stripped forged, Lower: Stripped forged .. Receiver set, alternate color/finish, NiB, ceramic $130 stripped forged lower
Seekins Precision ID Rifle: Complete, Custom, 5.56, 300AAC, SBR, 8", 10", 12", 14.5", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", billet unique, free float .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle, stripped, stripped with proprietary rail mounting system .. Lower: Complete, stripped billet, AMBI bolt release .. Forend: carbine, mid length, rifle length, free float, rail, bolt on .. Muzzle: Brake $259 Stripped billet lower (AMBI)
Shadow Ops Weaponry CO Lower: Stripped, forged, billet, 308, 10th mountain, sniper spade //$351 stripped billet 308 lower $150 stripped forged lower
SI Defense MT Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 308, 16", 18", 20", Titanium receivers for $25,000 .. Seriously .. Upper: Stripped, forged, billet, 308, 5.56 .. Lower: Stripped, forged, bille, 308, 5.56 .. Regular billet sets for $399 (5.56) //owned by NEMO $125 Stripped forged lower
Sig Sauer NH Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 308, various configurations
Sionics Weapons Systems AZ Rifle: Complete, 5.56, various configurations .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle .. Lower: Complete, forged .. Other Parts: BCG, LPK, OSPA $429 Complete forged lower
SLR Rifleworks FL Rifle: Complete .. Lower: Stripped, billet, polymer Stripped billet lower $110
SLR15 MN Rifle: Complete, 16", 5.56 sub $1000 rifle selling for over $2200
Smith & Wesson MA Rifle: Complete is various configurations, check the M&P sport for a solid rifle below $900
Smith Enterprise AR Foreend: screw on rail to A2 handguard .. Muzzle: Brake, Flash hider, supressor qd Possibly the best flash hiders on the market
SOG Armory TX Rifle: Complete
Special Ops Tactical FL Rifle: Complete, various .. Upper: Complete, various .. Lower, stripped forged. $109 Stripped forged lower
Specialized Dynamics AZ Rifle: Complete, 17rem, 5.6, 204 Ruger, 20Prac, 6x45 264LBC, 6.8 .. Upper: Complete .. Lower: Stripped, billet $225 Stripped Billet lower
Spikes Tactical FL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, various configurations .. Upper: Complete, 5.56, 300AAC, .22LR, various configurations .. Lower: Complete, forged, stripped, zombie, pirate, pictogram, punisher .. Almost every other part available $115 Stripped forged lower
SSK Industries OH Rifle: Complete, custom, various calibers
Stag Arms CT Rifle: Complete. They make just about everything AR wise, including a lower with the Second Amendment engraved in it $135 Stripped forged lower
State of the art Arms MN Upper: Complete, 5.56, 7.62x39, 300AAC, 6.8, stripped, forged .. Barrels: same as upper .. Other Parts: OPSA //$90 16" barrel available $68 upper, stripped
Sterling Arsenal VA Rifle: Complete, custom, various calibers Custom ARs
STI International TX Rifle: Complete custom
Stiller's Precision TX Rifle: Complete, custom .. Lower: Stripped billet //"Predator XT". Worth a look. $369 Stripped billet lower
STS Arms OR Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 16", custom, Cerakote Prices not listed on site
Stubborn Mule Outdoor OR Upper: Complete .22LR .. Lower: Stripped, billet and a single shot $285 Stripped billet lower
Sun Devil MFG AZ Upper: Stripped, billet, alternate color/finish, NP3 .. Lower: Same as upper $174 Stripped Billet lower
Superior Arms IA Rifle: Complete, 5.56 various configurations .. Uppers: Complete, same as rifle, stripped forged, 30% .. Lower: Complete, stripped, forged $140 Stripped forged lower
Surplus Ammo and Arms WA Rifle: Complete, 5.56, various, revolving .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle, stripped forged .. Lower: Complete, stripped forged, reaper .. OSPA $100 stripped forged lower
Syrac Ordinance FL Low pro adjustable gas block //Founded by Jason Adams of Adams Arms. I don't know if there are any implications to a gas piston guy starting a DI gas block company. Unique low pro adjustable gas block
Tactical Ammunition OR Upper: Complete, custom .. Other parts: BCG, OSPA, LPK $55 LPK
Tactical Arms Mfg NC Rifle: Complete // They make one rifle with no free float option. They say they are the "worlds best manufacturer of AR15 Assault weapons!" They don't even list a twist rate or specify the chamber. Big claim, no backup
Tactical Innovations ID Receiver: Stripped, billet, forged, set, lower, upper $140 Stripped forged lower
Tactical Machining FL Receivers: Upper, Lower, Forged, billet, single shot, 308, 80% // $229 stripped billet 308 lower $109 Stripped forged lower
Tactical Rifles FL Rifle: Complete, 5.56
Tactical Weapons Solutions FL Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 308, 6.8, 300AAC, 5.45x39, 9mm .. Pistol: Same as rifle .. Upper: Complete, 5.56, 308, stripped .. Lower: Complete, Stripped, Billet, forged, 308, cerakote, NiB .. Other parts: BCG, OSPA $120 Stripped forged lower
Tapco GA Other Parts: Stock, handguard, grip, magazines, OSPA
Templar Custom Arms OH Rifle: Complete, 5.56 Billet .. Services: cerakote (ing), stipling .. Important: They are not the same as Templar Tactical Arms, or Templar Tactical Firearms Nice work on Glocks also
Templar Tactical Arms MT Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 10.5", 16", 18", free float rail, billet, pictogram .. Important: They are NOT Templar Tactical Firearms. The name is very similar but they are different companies from different states Site says stripped receivers coming soon
Templar Tactical Firearms TX Muzzle: Suppressors, 5.56, 300AAC, 308, Ti .. Important: They are NOT Templar Tactical Arms. The name is very similar but they are different companies from different states Suppressors
Thompson Machine FL Suppressors: 5.56, 308 Suppressors
Thor Global Defense AR Rifle: Complete, 5.56 various configurations
Timney AZ Trigger: Drop in single stage Fine triggers
TKS Engineering AR Receivers: Stripped, 6061, billet, upper, lower $210 6061 billet lower stripped
TNW Firearms OR Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 7.62x39, quick change barrel, billet
Ultra Steel Tactical TX Rifle: Complete, 5.56 .. Recievers: Billet, stripped, lower, upper, 308, 5.56 $165 Stripped billet 6061 lower
Veriforce Tactical AZ Other partts: Stock kits, OSPA AKA Tactical Accessories
Vidalia Police Supply GA Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8 various configurations .. Lower, forged, complete, stripped $125 Stripped forged lower
Viking Tactics NC Forend: free float bolt on rail .. Other parts: Various AR parts and accessories, solid training, good kit/equipment
War Sport NC Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 16", 12" .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle .. Lower: Stripped forged .. Other Parts: OSPA, unique accessories $155 Stripped forged lower
White Oak Armament IL Upper: Complete, 5.56, 6.8 .. Barrel: 5.56, 6.8, 204, carbine, mid length, carbine, fluted .. Other parts: OSPA $126 BCG
Wilson Combat AR Rifle: Complete, various caliber and configurations, custom .. Receiver, stripped forged lower upper .. Forend, free floating rail bolt on .. Barrel: Various .. Muzzle: Brake, flash hider .. Other parts: LPK, BCG NP3 various calibers, OSPA Quality products
Windham Weaponry ME Rifle: Complete, various 5.56 .. They make just about every part AR-wise Staff used to be Bushmaster
WMD Guns FL Barrel: 16" .. Upper: Stripped .. OSPA, all NiB coated .. Services: NiB coating NiB
Xtreme Machining PA Rifle: Complete, 5.56 Only 2 AR rifles
Yankee Hill Machine MA They make just about everything AR-wise, great products and prices. Solid rails, good suppressors//great brand and value. Lower price is at $116 Stripped forged lower
York Arms ME Lower: Custom engraved, stripped billet, //design your own roll mark, selector markings. Lower price jump from $145 to $225 $225 Stripped, custom lower (delivered)
Young Manufacturing AZ Nice BCGs
Z-M Weapons VT Rifle: Complete, 16" 5.56
Zel Custom MFG FL Upper: Complete, bolt action, .338, 50BMG Bolt action upper for your AR lower
Zombie Defense VA Lower: Stripped forged, zombie "safe, fire and frenzy" selector markings
Battle Arms Development NV Other parts: Ambi Safety, cleaning/armorer tools Maker of the 'BAD ASS' selector
Bean Firearms UT Rifle: Complete, 16", 556 .. Lower: Stripped, Billet $299 Stripped Billet Lower
Boberg Arms MN Lower: Stripped, Billet $390 Stripped Billet lower
Boise Tactical ID Rifle: Complete, 556, 300AAC, 308, various configurations .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle .. Lower: not currently listed
Cobra Tactical CA Upper: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, stripped, Lower: Complete, stripped, forged .. Other parts: LPK, OSPA $150 Stripped forged lower
Code Red Firearms FL Lower: Stripped, forged $149 Stripped forged lower
Dedicated Technology MN Upper: Complete, .17rem, .204, .264, 6.8, 5.56 and many WSSM and proprietary calibers .. Forend: Free float rail, carbine, mid length, rifle .. Barrels: Any configuration, made from shilen blanks WSSM offered
Diamondhead MA Sights: Iron, BUIS .. Gas: Low pro gas block, railed .. OSPA Interesting movable BUIS
DRD Tactical US Rifle: Complete, takedown .. Lower, stripped, billet //You may have heard of their paratus - a $5000+ takedown rifle that looks like the ACR. $380 Stripped lower @Rainier
ECM Guns US Lower: Stripped, Billet Billet lower
Evolution Weaponry FL Rifle: Complete, custom Custom
GWACS Armory OK Rifle: Complete .. Lower: Complete, polymer //The lower has the stock built in. $295 Complete polymer lower
Huntertown Arms IN Muzzle: Suppressors Suppressors
Ice Arms ZZ Otherparts: Phosphate, NiB BCG WARNING: Company is very questionable
Liberty Suppressors GA Muzzle: Suppressor, various Suppressors
Liberty Tactical OH Lower: Stripped, Forged .. Otherparts: OSPA // They are a vendor for a lot of other parts $195 Stripped forged lower
MAG Tactical Systems US Lower, stripped $270 Stripped Billet Lower
North Eastern Arms US Other Parts: OSPA, BCG, unique stock Unique Stock
Norton Firearms WI Rifle: Complete, Custom .. Lower: Stripped, forged $179 Stripped forged lower
Odin Works ID Barrel: 556 .. Forend: Bolt on rail out to 15.5"
Predator custom shop TN Website indicates ARs but no more information Poor customer service
Predator Tactical AZ Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 18" .. Receiver: Stripped upper, lower, billet, 6061 $449 matched 6061 billet set
Six Sigma Arms MN Rifle: Complete, custom .. Lower: Stripped, forged, pictogram $250 Stripped forged lower
Specialized Tactical UT Rifle: Complete, gas piston, 5.56, 300AAC, various configurations. They claim they are the dominant choice in Spec Ops units, that their rail is the lightest and that their SBR's are 1 MOA. They are unable to back up any of those claims. Nobody I know in the SoF community has heard of them and their rail is heavier than many others. I have also yet to see a 7" barrel hold 1MOA@100 Questionable integrity
SRT Arms AZ Muzzle: Suppressors Suppressors
Stoner Arms US Lower: Stripped, forged $220 Stripped forged lower
Teludyne SC Upper: Complete, 14.5", 16" 'Straightjacket' barrel
Templar Custom NC Rifle: Complete, 556 16", 12.5" .. Barrels: 556 up to 20", 4140 .. Forend: free float rail .. Muzzle: Brake //This is not the same company as Templar Custom Arms Very expensive
Thunder Beast Arms WY Muzzle: Suppressors Suppressors
Troy MA Forend: Free float rail, bolt on rail, carbine, mid length, rifle length, XL .. Sights: Iron, BUIS .. Muzzle: Break, compensator, flash hider .. OSPA Great rails
Umbrella Corp Weapons Research VA Upper: Stripped, forged Lower: Stripped, forged .. Other parts: Handgrip //If you loved the game/movies, you will love their parts. The current run of receivers is made in Mega's shop. Enhanced buffer spring and billet receivers coming soon $170 Stripped forged lower
Umlaut Industries NH Lower: Stripped, forged .. Muzzle: .50 Flash hider //Vendor for many other brands $150 Stripped forged lower
Vulcan Armament MN Rifle: Complete, DI, Gas piston, 5.56, 7.62x39 .. Upper: Complete, same as rifle .. Lower: Complete, stripped, forged, polymer ($100) // Website intro page offends me and they used to be called Frozen North, Hesse and Blackthorne. I am suspect of anyone who changes names that much. Forums report many issues with them. $139 Stripped forged lower
XS Products US Accessories: 50rd drum magazine 50rd drum mag
2 Vets Arms Company OK Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 6.8, 300AAC, custom, left side charging handle .. Lower: Stripped, forged, spartan $95 Stripped forged lower
556 Tactical LA Rifle: Complete, 5.56, 308 .. Upper: Complete, 5.56, 6.8 .. Lower: Complete $350 Complete lower

  • 16", 14.5" etc

    The length of the barrel in inches, rounded to the nearest half inch. So if a maker lists 16.15", It becomes listed at 16". The idea is to narrow the options down, rather that dial you in completely. Some mfg list 16" when it is 16.25" etc anyway.

  • 30% 80% 95% Lower

      Tactical Machining 80% lower,   note the trigger well is not milled out Some people sell lowers that are not quite complete. It means they are not selling you a "firearm" that they would be if the lower was finished. You can then drill some holes (95%), finish milling/drilling out the trigger area...

  • 4140-4150-416 Alloy

    SAE/AISI Steel grades/codes. They all have different properties, but generally duty barrels are 4150, cheap barrels 4140 and match barrels 416. But not always

  • 6061

    An SAE grade of aluminum alloy. The standard is 7075 T6 (heat treated aluminum of higher grade and cost than 6061). A few companies save money by using 6061 in receivers and I have specified them. They are still solid receivers and 6061 is almost exclusively used in rails, but 7075 is a better...

  • AMBI

    Ambidextrous. I have tried to find parts made with a left handed shooter in mind and list them under the generic term "Ambi". 

  • Free Float

    When a rail or hand guard does not touch the barrel past where it joins the receiver. Most rails are free float, some are drop in and attach near the front sight post. 

  • FSB

    Front Sight Block. The combination front sight and gas block common on many AR-15's. 

  • Keywords-Tags

    Just click the keyword below for a quick description of the word and how it is categorized. Even if you know what the word means, it might help to read how I have used it specifically for search optimization. I will add to this list soon.

  • Less stock

    A lower with the lower parts kit (LPK) installed but no stock

  • LPK

    Lower Parts Kit. As a standard, they contain all the small parts needed for the lower, but not the stock or buffer tube and associated parts. 

  • NiB

    (NiB-X). Nickel Boron. It is an alloy coating that is hard, naturally smoother than most alloys and very corrosion resistant. It can be goldish, or 1 of a couple silver hues

  • OSPA

    Other stock/small/standard parts and accessories. Anything from buffer tubes/receiver extensions to retaining pins, cam nuts, grips, charging handles etc. 

  • Proprietary

    Means "unique and NOT compatible with stock parts". Example: Knights and LWRCI both improved the stock bolt, but it does not fit in a regular barrel, if you buy it, then you need to buy their barrel also. Gas piston systems are generally proprietary also. 

  • Unique

    In this case it means "unique, interesting and compatible with other stock parts"