Some public information about Ice Arms:

I have attempted to remain neutral, unbiased and factual in this page. It does not reflect my feelings about Ice Arms. Merely a collation of facts that represent a cross section of the easily available information about them, so that a person with less time than me can get a summary rather than spend hours researching. They have threatened to sue me and made some outrageous statements to try and get me to take this page down. If I were to offer them advice, it would be that threats and excuses are less effective at building a customer base than simply delivering what has been paid for. 


Update Nov 2013

There has been a great deal of speculation recently about Ice Arms on a couple of forums. Most of the relevant threads were deleted from, however this thread remains so far (11/8/13). In summary there is a large number of people that are reporting numerous issues with Ice Arms and a lack of support from the company when they try and get the issues taken care of. I have been emailed by a few people that have made purchases and not received any product at all. The only currently available responses from Ice Arms is on their facebook page, where they have answered questions about why their industry partner status on has been removed.

They initially said "It was temporarily turned off due to an error by us. It should be back up by tomorrow.".

And then about 2 days later "We are currently taking a break from because we are currently unable to to meet the product demands put upon us at this time. We are working on these issues and fully plan on being back on in a few months."

An excuse offered in response to complaints about customer service was:

"In any other case I'd be right there with you, but what most people don't know is that we went from 4 products to over 40 in six months time. Our products are in different facilities because we outgrew ourselves. We are trying to move everything out to the East Coast as we speak, and the transitions are causing Snafu's."

I can only speculate why they feel it is ok to put the burden of their expansion onto the customer and still expect some kind of loyalty in return.  I have personally dealt with a large number of AR-15 part manufacturers and vendors. Not all my dealings have been awesome, but I have never feared I would not get what I paid for. 

There are also multiple reports of poor quality control and parts arriving defective in some way. From bent barrels to missing or broken parts. 

Ice Arms and "Made in USA" 

If you want to support an American company then you should check out  Both sites were created within 2 days of each other and both have suisse gold corp on the whois. They sell the same product, with the same logo. Only has a Canadian address. And of course both websites are registered to Canada. also says they are by the proprietors of Dlask arms, another canadian company. The image on the homepage of used to be a Dlask rifle. 

Update 5/1/13: There are several reports from well established members of more than one forum of them taking delivery of their BCG and being happy with it. None so far have actually tested it, and they report a foreign transaction fee on their credit card. 


Ice Arms initially listed its address as 1685 H St  Blaine, WA 98230, which is the address for “Mail Boxes International”, who's website states “Many of our Canadian customers like to have a presence in the U.S.  We provide a U.S. address so our Canadian customers can receive Mail, Packages and Freight at our location.”

The domain information of can be found here. It says the website is registered to Richard Oliver with a Canadian Address. It has its Administrative, Billing and Contact Organization listed as Suisse Gold Corp.  Suisse Gold Corp has some unfavorable reviews on yelp , with some people complaining they paid and nothing turned up. One review specifically mentions Richard Oliver. There are similar reviews here.

Additionally, Suisse Gold Corp has a BBB rating of F with 16 complaints related to delivery issues. Again, Richard Oliver is listed under the contact information for the BBB. 

The exact relationship between Suisse Gold Corp and ICE Arms is not known to me beyond what is listed in the whois report. 

Sometime around April 17, 2013 Ice Arms changed its listed address from the mailbox company to a warehouse run by An Deringer , who lists their services as international freight forwarding.

If you choose to do business with them, you can visit their website here.


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